Islands of Safety – Structured Program Focusing on Violence Prevention and Recovery

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Violence against women and safety of children is a key issue in child protection, removals and possibilities for restoration. Islands of Safety is a structured program developed in Canada that focuses on violence prevention and recovery using response-based practice. Developed with Indigenous communities it can be adapted to non-Indigenous and other cultural settings.

This training will outline the foundation of response-based practice, general principles and particular application to complex issues of trans-generational child removals and women’s dilemmas associated with child removal due to partner violence. Women’s resistance and responses often remain invisible leading to feelings of self blame, inertia and isolation with failure to protect children an ever-increasing concern.

Case studies will provide examples of conversations that increase personal agency and restore dignity, attend to use of language and power operations and identify positive social responses available to women and children. Participants will be encouraged to critically reflect on their accountability to the safety of women and children and develop respectful and incisive conversational skills around matters of safety.

The model is framed within a social justice perspective that incorporates a collective and collaborative approach to addressing child safety through identifying and including significant family or community members as sources of positive social support.

You will:

  • Identify the foundations and principles of Response Based Practice
  • Understand the Islands of Safety model and uses in Child Protection Practice
  • Increase awareness of the complexity of addressing trans-generational child removals
  • Demonstrate beginning skills in Response Based Interviewing
  • Articulate key ethical concepts and accountability

Who should attend?

Workers in early intervention, child protection, family support, domestic violence services, Brighter Futures and other services addressing family violence, child abuse or neglect