Couple Counselling

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Couple Counselling can be more intensive than individual therapy because both partners are invited to co-create the process of change. In order to build confidence to work with this intensity it is crucial to learn new skills and have the opportunity to practice these.

What can I expect from the workshop? You will develop:

· Knowledge of systemic couple therapy;

·  Skills in structuring and conducting a couple counselling session;

·  Skills in couple assessment, interviewing and facilitating change;

·  Skills in managing the therapeutic relationship, and;

·  An understanding of particular issues central to couple work.

The workshop will incorporate case study presentations, live demonstrations and role plays to assist participants to consolidate their learning. Training materials and handouts will also be provided.

Following the completion of the course, two 90-minute tutorials a fortnight apart will be available to participants to further develop the application of the course learnings to their clinical practice.