Working with Relationships: Introduction to Couple Therapy

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Working with Relationships: Introduction to Couple Therapy

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This workshop provides an introductory look at the skills needed to conduct couple therapy. This includes understanding couple process and dynamics, in particular, the cycle of attack and flight that underpins conflictual interactions. Participants will be taught how to assess couple dynamics through structured questionnaires and information from interviews. This will be done by learning a framework to apply to the process of conducting couple therapy that guides how sessions are conducted so as to develop a formulation of the presenting problem. This will then be used to guide the process of setting up treatment goals and developing appropriate interventions.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand theories and models of couple therapy
  • Apply relevant questionnaires to assess couple dynamics
  • Develop a formulation of the presenting problem
  • Use a session plan to conduct an assessment session and subsequent treatment sessions
  • Understand relevant interventions and their application
  • Respond to common presenting concerns experienced by couples

Who should attend?

Any counsellor/therapist who is interested in working with couples presenting with typical relationship issues including fighting, loss of intimacy, conflict over specific, long standing issues and stage-specific concerns e.g. after the birth of children