Introduction to Narrative Therapy

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This workshop will be an engaging, accessible, fun and thoughtful introduction to the philosophies and the practices of narrative therapy, including some of the latest developments. You will experience a combination of lectures, therapeutic work videos, transcripts, songs, written documents, practical exercises that you will be able to use immediately in your work.

You will find this workshop relevant if you are working with people, groups or communities experiencing suffering. It is also relevant if you are interested in finding ways to document stories, use film, the written word or other creative methods in your therapeutic work.

There will be opportunities for you to try out and experiment with these practices and consider how they can be applied to your work contexts.

This workshop will feature a review of some of the key narrative ideas and practices. This will include looking at the following narrative therapy concepts:

  • Externalising conversations, or considering the idea that the person is not the problem but the problem is the problem
  • Re-authoring conversations, or how to start breathing life into the small traces of a preferred story
  • Re-membering conversations, or how relationships enliven preferred stories
  • Definitional ceremony, or how to use an audience to make stories stronger
  • Documentation, or how to use the written word, song or other creative methods to sustain preferred stories

Participants will develop an understanding of and skills in using:

  • The concept of externalising
  • The concept of re-authoring
  • The concept of re-membering
  • The concept of outsider witnessing
  • The concept of documenting stories

Who should attend?

Counsellors, therapists, case managers in the welfare sector, psychologists, mental health workers, sexual assault workers and family and relationship therapists