Healing Trauma through Narrative Groupwork

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This workshop will provide participants with extended group work skills using two narrative practices – definitional ceremony and remembering. Group work has powerful transformative potential for healing abuse and trauma as well as increased potential for re-traumatisation of group members.

The aim is to develop confidence working in a group setting using structured practices that can be applied to sexual abuse, family and social violence, stolen generations, refugees, natural disasters or victims of torture, conflict or war. It has particular relevance for workers associated with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse to support and debrief those giving evidence, their support people and for workers themselves to avoid vicarious trauma. It can also be used with children, young people, families or communities. The ethical imperative of the training is to balance acknowledgement of past abuse without contributing to further distress.

The skills developed during this workshop will increase the capacity for workers to deliver services that complement individual therapy by effective use of agency resources. The benefits for those who have experienced trauma will be reduced isolation by connecting with others through practices that facilitate shared understanding, peer support and identify significant people, past or present who stand with them in their journey of healing.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Increase skills, knowledge and understanding of working therapeutically with trauma and abuse in groups and communities using narrative practices – definitional ceremony and remembering
  • Discuss ethical considerations of trauma based work
  • Understand how group work can be used to complement individual therapy
  • Explore the ways that definitional ceremony can be applied in a variety of work settings
  • Understand how remembering practice can be used to support the journey of healing
  • Demonstrate practical application of definitional ceremony and remembering
  • Reflect on personal experience of the practices through workshop exercises

Who should attend?

Workers interested in learning about narrative groupwork