Groupwork with Children and Young People who have Experienced Trauma

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Too often professional interventions in the lives of children and young people ignore the innate healing abilities that these possess and the power of a healing community found in groups. You will be provided with the opportunity to explore something different.

In this workshop you will discover an intervention style (GIG: Growth Informed Group work) that harnesses:

  • The capacity for children to masters in their own healing destiny and
  • Brings them together as a community to bear witness to the strength and power in each other’s therapeutic journey.

This informative and creative one day workshop will explore two main issues:

1. The psycho-biology of growth and resilience informed practice when working with young people who have experienced trauma
2. Group work processes and structures that enhance effective engagement of children and young people with each other

During the day we spend together learning with and from each other you will increase your skills with putting on a good GIG ( Growth informed Groupwork). From this learning you will be better placed to enable children and young people to rediscover the intrinsic potential for growth that lies within and all around them.

At the end of this training course you will:

  • Take home the joy of working in groups with children and young people
  • Harness the power of creative techniques to use in a group work setting
  • Discover the theory of group work processes that enhances engagement
  • Create effective measurement tools to capture children and young people’s feedback

Who should attend?

Experienced professionals who run therapeutic groups with children and young people