Advanced Applications in Narrative Therapy #2: Re‐authoring Lives and Thickening Preferred Ways of Being

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For clients, the step from ‘good ideas’ and insights into effective action is often a stilted, difficult one. This one day workshop, designed for those who already have some experience with narrative ways of working, looks at the process of change and the practices that consolidate steps in a preferred direction.

The workshop will trace the path from finding exceptions to problem saturated stories; clients finding alternate meanings to their dilemmas; exploring the values, hopes and visions that support change; and practices that support the ‘thickening’ of preferred ways of being.

Maps and models, including The Migration of Identity, Landscapes of Action and Identity, Statement of Position Map and Zone of Proximal Development will be used in this exploration.

Practices that you will become more skilled at include concept development, re‐membering, re‐authoring, deliberate ignorance, membership of life, outsider witnessing and letter writing.

Throughout the day you will draw on your own personal and clinical experience so as to make the learning as vivid and rich as possible.

Who should attend?

Workers providing counselling services who have some familiarity with Narrative Therapy. It is recommended but not a prerequisite to have attended Narrative Therapy Advanced Applications Part 1 before registering in Part 2.