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Working in Partnership with Aboriginal Agencies

Collaboration and partnering arrangements between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal agencies has many rewards and is actively encouraged by many funding bodies. The opportunity to partner is an important one that needs to be harnessed, leveraged and maximised for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Many organisations often mistakenly believe Aboriginal service delivery to be a socially responsible strategy that incurs a cost to the organisational bottom line. The reality is that a business strategy targeting Aboriginal clients can be tremendously fulfilling socially in addition to an opportunity to create an important source of sustainable revenue. To do this, it is important that organisations understand Aboriginal contexts, are culturally safe and are culturally competent.

Creating organisational Aboriginal cultural competence takes substantial commitment and time. Partnering with Aboriginal organisations and agencies can support this process in addition to creating synergy and dynamics that cannot be generated within a single organisation.

This course will provide you with cultural insights, data and understanding that will enable you to identify the benefits of partnering with Aboriginal organisations and agencies, how to identify partnering opportunities, relevant planning and the key steps to establish a successful partnering arrangement.

Through undertaking this course, participants will be able to maximise the quality of service delivery to Aboriginal people, support increased wellbeing in Aboriginal communities, increase business sustainability and build networks that support an integrated model of client care.

At the completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Greater insight into the benefits of partnering with Aboriginal organisations and agencies
  • An increased understanding of the importance of culture in providing quality services to Aboriginal people
  • Increased cultural insights and competence including a better understanding of what has created the current socio-economic disadvantage many Aboriginal people face in their day to day lives
  • A better understanding of Aboriginal service delivery in the context of market opportunity and business sustainability
  • Discussed partnering critical questions
  • Reviewed the preparation required for an effective partnership
  • Insights into how to build relationships with Aboriginal organisations and agencies
  • Increased awareness of the steps required to execute a partnering arrangement

Who should attend?

Non-Aboriginal organisations delivering services to Aboriginal clients – frontline workers and managers

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.