Helping Clients to Manage Dysregulation

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Anxiety, panic, depression, trauma impacts, insomnia, difficulties concentrating, lethargy, fatigue, substance use, relationship difficulties, and low motivation are all indicators of a dysregulated system. One of the primary goals of therapeutic work is to assist clients to effectively regulate their somatic, cognitive, and emotional states so that they can choose desired behaviours rather than react or become hijacked by dysregulation.

This one day workshop teaches the core therapeutic skill of regulation techniques. Participants (including call centre staff, counsellors, case workers, emergency service workers, crisis intervention workers, legal professionals, supported accommodation staff, refuge workers, and aid workers) will learn from the latest neuroscientific research what works to create a more balanced and regulated state.

The course is experiential, so participants will be able to immediately use their new skills for self-regulation as well as teaching clients to foster a calm, centred, motivated, contained and strong state.
Participants will learn:

  • Insights from neuroscientific research about dysregulation in the nervous system
  • Techniques to increase energy, motivation and presence
  • Techniques to calm, centre and contain
  • How to teach regulation techniques to their clients