Case Management for Clients with Complex Needs

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Clients with Complex Support Needs

Clients with Complex Support Needs can have difficulties that span a number of areas, including some or all of the following: disability, trauma, health, education, behaviour as well as social issues within their lives – a product of their life situation and the potential failure of the structures that support them.

Working with clients with Complex Support Needs involves a planned, strengths-based approach, building a working relationship that addresses that client’s particular needs based on an understanding of each of these needs, and the complexity of their interaction.

As Complex Need encompasses different issues for different people, supporting this complexity requires a unique mix of skills and knowledge to work with each client. Case Managers engaging with a person with Complex Support Needs must recognise and address this complexity at a personal, service and systems level.

CCWT offers a wide range of courses that address many areas of Casework, Casework Management and Self-Care, as well as issues of Child Protection, Permanency and Out of Home Care, Drug and Alcohol Disorders, Domestic and Family Violence, Mental Health, Trauma, Suicide and Self-Harm, Aboriginal Support, Disability and the NDIS.

Rather than develop a one-size fits all course, listed below are the titles of a number of CCWT courses that address many of the issues underlying Complex Need. With every client having different needs, the mix of courses that can help you to work with that client and their particular issues will vary.

Courses generally run for either one or two days and the details of each can be found by clicking on the course name. This will then take you to that course description and allow you to register

Case Management

Aboriginal Issues

Child Protection, Permanency and Out of Home Care

Trauma, Suicide and Self-harm

Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health