Entering the New Paradigm – Supporting Non-Clinical Mental Health Recovery

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Australia, in line with many other countries, is implementing non-clinical recovery-oriented mental health practices to support the diverse range of recovery options that people choose to recover from mental health disorders. This is a paradigm shift in worker and organisational practice. It requires a new set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and approaches from workers.

This workshop will utilise a range of adult learning principles and strategies to provide an interactive, participatory learning experience. Participant’s will gain increased understanding and knowledge about how to support people experiencing mental distress, whilst drawing on their own experiences and expertise. Opportunities will be provided for skills development that will enhance effective, non-clinical recovery work practice back at the workplace.

Participants in this course will:

  • Describe different models and approaches to mental health treatment
  • Differentiate between clinical and nonclinical recovery
  • Explore the impacts of mental distress on service-users, families, carers and significant others
  • Increase understanding of the diverse range of strategies used to respond to the impacts of mental distress
  • Identify barriers and challenges to recovery, including stigma and discrimination, and develop useful responses to assist in responding to these
  • List a range of mental health organisations, services and resources
  • Describe and implement relevant statutory, organisational, policy and practice standards and responsibilities
  • Explore the values, concepts and principles underpinning recovery
  • Acquire information and practical skills to provide effective recovery-oriented services and supports

Who should attend?

Workers in a range of roles and services who come into contact with people who experience mental health disorders, their families and carers, and anyone with an interest in non-clinical mental health recovery.

Please note: If you wish to undertake assessment for this course, enrol in the Assessment Only version of this course as well as this workshop.