Orientation to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Field

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Acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to increase your ability to work with clients who use and misuse alcohol and/or other drugs. Topics include historical and current drug trends, drug use patterns models of dependence, overview of pharmacology, treatment approaches, harm reduction, the role of prevention, assessment and referral, and crisis management. This course also includes information on services and practical strategies to support workers in the field.

At the workshop, you will:

  • Develop knowledge of the alcohol and other drugs sector
  • Understand the harm minimisation approach and the range of activities which support this
  • Discuss the historical and social context of substance use and misuse
  • Discuss the current issues facing clients and existing services to address their needs and rights
  • Understand basic pharmacology
  • Identify the effects of different types of drugs
  • Outline the main approaches to the treatment and prevention of problems related to substance use
  • Describe the various models of dependence and the process of withdrawal
  • Understand the relationship between substance use and infectious diseases
  • Understand the framework of trauma-informed care in working with substance-affected clients
  • Develop strategies for managing a drug crisis
  • Distinguish the components of assessment, and its impact on competent referral practices

At the completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify attitudes and beliefs about alcohol and other drug issues
  • Discuss the historical and social context of substance use and abuse
  • Define the various models of dependence and patterns of use
  • Describe the effects of alcohol and other drugs and the process of withdrawal
  • Identify key components of an AOD assessment
  • Outline the main principles of trauma-informed care
  • Outline a range of treatment options
  • Outline referral strategies within the AOD context
  • Define key issues in the AOD context such as harm reduction and stages of change

You will need to enrol and pay in the assessment option seperately.

Who should attend?

Workers who are new to the AOD field, also people working in all services who have clients with alcohol and/or other drug problems

Please note: If you wish to undertake assessment for this course, enrol in the Assessment Only version of this course as well as this workshop.