ACWA Members' Forum

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ACWA is pleased to invite you to participate in a half day forum covering three critical financial topics. We’ve brought together legal and financial experts, practice leaders from member agencies, and leaders from other community-based organisations to present on, and answer questions about, the following topics:

Seminar 1: The National Redress Scheme and related insurance implications


This seminar will give member agencies the chance to learn more about how the scheme operates and ask legal and insurance experts questions about accepted Redress claims and insurance coverage, as well as the interplay between the scheme and civil litigation. It will also provide the opportunity for members to hear directly from organisations outside of the sector about their experience of the Redress scheme so far.

Seminar 2: Identifying the most suitable insurance options for ACWA member agencies


NCOSS Community Cover was established in 2004 to provide affordable insurance products tailored to meet the needs of the community and human services sectors. For over 15 years, NCOSS has worked with its insurance partner, AON, to provide up-to-date information and education to the community services sector on emerging issues and new insurance products in relation to sourcing and arranging suitable and competitively priced insurance coverage for agencies. At this seminar, an AON representative will discuss its suite of services, and in doing so, will also discuss the issue of insurance coverage and Redress claims.

Seminar 3: Models of foster care and related tax concessions for carers


The need for a variety of carer models, and the related issue of reimbursing carers, are critical issues facing the sector. Both issues directly impact the ability of agencies to attract individuals to a caring role, including for children and young people with complex needs. The Children in Care Collective has recently carried out work to clarify the various care options and related reimbursement methods available, and they have outlined these in a paper which is also informed by recent advice received from the ATO. At this seminar, this paper will be delivered along with presentations from other member agencies who will share their knowledge and experience of carer models and reimbursement issues.