Carer Workshop - Supporting children and young people with disability

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

This workshop is presented by Ability First and ACWA with support from DSS. It is primarily aimed at carers, but caseworkers supporting carers are also welcome. It is free and will be presented online.

The following area will be covered:

  • What are some of the indicators of development disability or developmental delay? Foster carers often have young children in their care and may be the first people outside their biological families to spend any real time with these children, which means they may be the first to recognise some kind of developmental issue.
  • Introduction to services and supports for young children with disability – such as the EC Partners, NDIS ECEI services … and how to access these.
  • Exploring NDIS eligibility, providing input into plan development.
  • How can carers support the child’s development, including through supporting effective implementation of NDIS plans?
  • What are key useful (eg mainstream/non-NDIS) services and supports available for the children?
  • What are some of the main services and supports available to carers?